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It's time to take reprodAction!

Reassess your approach to cattle reproduction and boost success by using this site to improve and test your knowledge

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Rome Cattle Symposium Information

Watch the videos of experts' presentations at the 2019 Cattle Symposium in Rome

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Test your knowledge

Challenge yourself with our Expert in Reproduction Test.

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Make the most out of reproduction!

Try out our Profitability Calculator

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Take Action with the new VetCPD section!

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Reassess your approach to cattle reproduction and boost success by utilising these exclusive Ceva reprodAction resources.

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The Game: reprodAction Farm

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The cows at reprodAction farm need to be inseminated - can you raise the productivity rates to 100%?

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How profitable is your herd?

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Enter some of your herd's basic reproductive values and hormone costs into the reprodAction Profitability Calculator and see where you could improve profitability

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How does BCS affect fertility?

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Low and high BCS can have impacts on fertility - find out what these are and follow the link to watch a video on how BCS can affect your herd

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CEVA Animal Health has demonstrated its commitment to improving management of reproduction in livestock animals through offering a complete range of solutions: products and protocols adapted to different industries.

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