What is ReprodAction?

Reproductive Management in Action! 

Ceva Animal Health is an animal health company with a strong history on Ruminant Reproduction.

We have always been a pioneer company, specially thanks to the development of the first ProgesteroneSteroid hormone secreted by the corpus luteum of the ovary which has the property of making the endometrium suitable for implantation, maintenance and development of the fertilized egg. (Progesterone also results in multiple activities for the endometrium, myometrium, cervix, vagina and udder.). It inhibits GnRH secretion by feedback action on the pituitary. Releasing Intravaginal Device for cattle, (PRIDProgesterone Releasing Intra-vaginal device: intra-vaginal device impregnated with progesterone.®) that has now been substituted by the second generation, PRIDProgesterone Releasing Intra-vaginal device: intra-vaginal device impregnated with progesterone. DELTA®with the same level of efficacy but also much more convenient.

On sheep reproduction the innovative melatoninHormone secreted by the pineal gland directly under the influence of the photoperiod, it is secreted only at night. implant (Melovine®/Regulin®), developed specifically to manage sheep reproduction is still building successful stories in many places in the world. Now ReprodAction is our approach to reproductive management in ruminants. 

ReprodAction is defined by three pillars: our complete range of products, our expertise and our innovative view of ruminant reproduction. Those three pillars allow us to offer our customers the most complete range of solutions for ruminant reproduction with the commitment of enhancing overall fertilityAbility of a living organism to reproduce. From a zootechnical point of view: ability to give birth to a calf, a lamb, a goat or a piglet. at herd or flock level.