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Reassess your approach to cattle reproduction and boost success by watching these exclusive Ceva reprodAction expert videos, from 'Reproductive Management in Action' Madrid cattle symposium. We also give you the opportunity to earn earn CDP points.

How does it work? 

You can earn CPD points by watching the videos, then follow the link to take a test. Our cattle fertilityAbility of a living organism to reproduce. From a zootechnical point of view: ability to give birth to a calf, a lamb, a goat or a piglet. experts will review your answers and if you have passed, we will send you a CPD certificate via your local Ceva Territory Manager (please allow at least 2 weeks for your test to be reviewed).




Alex Bach


The Impact of Transition Cow Management on Postpartum reproduction in High-Producing Dairy Cows


Dr. Alex Bach

Department of Ruminant Production

IRTA, Barcelona, (Spain)


Paul M. Fricke



Maximising Reproductive Performance with Activity Devices and Synchronisation Programs


Dr. Paul M. Fricke

University of Wisconsin (USA)


Giovanni Gnemmi



Using of Ultrasound on Anovular Population Detection


Giovanni Gnemmi

Bovinevet (Italy)


Alex Souza



Update on Non-Cyclicity   Conditions in Dairy Cows


Dr. Alex Souza

Ceva Sante Animale (France)





Measuring Reproductive Performance in Dairy Herds


Prof. Geert Opsomer

University of Ghent (Belgium)





Gold Standard Protocol for FTAI (Fixed Time Artificial Insemination). Is Progesterone   the Key?


Prof. Fernando Lopez-Gatius

University of Lleida (Spain)





Effects of Progesterone  Supplementation before Artificial Insemination on Oocyte Quality


Prof. Richard Pursley

Michigan State University (USA)





Effect of Progesterone Supplementation after Artificial Insemination on Pregnancy Maintenance


Prof. Patrick Lonergan

University College of Dublin (Ireland)