Q fever


Q fever & Reprodaction in cattle: Query or not query?

Dr. Raphaël Guatteo
Biology, Epidemiology and Risk Analysis in Animal Health. INRA (France)


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Graduated for the National Veterinary Shool of Nantes in 2001, Raphaël Guatteo  joined the same faculty in 2003 after 2 years in rural practice. After a Msc dedicated to the diagnosis of respiratory disorders in non weaned calves, he did a PhD on the diagnosis of Q fever in dairy cattle. Currently, Raphaël Guatteo is appointed as Assistant Professor in the department of Farm Animal Health and Public Health. Teaching activities deal with individual and population medicine in cattle (both in the clinics and on farm). Since his PhD, he performed several studies on the assessment of the effectiveness of medical strategies (antibiotic and vaccination) to control Q fever in Ruminants and especially in cattle. His work is the basis for several EFSA recommendation regarding Q fever control.

Other topics of interest for research are lameness, Johne’s disease, welfare and syndromic surveillance in cattle. Raphaël Guatteo is also diplomate at the European College of Bovine Health Management (ECBHM) since 2009. He’s now chair of the examination committee of the ECBHM.

Q fever: A zoonosis

A zoonosis with outbreaks

Prevalence in ruminants

A human health and dairy industry issue

Q fever&Reproduction: theoretical approach

Q fever&Reproduction: what do we know?

Experimental studies

Case control studies

Intervention studies

Q fever abortions in cattle

Studies dealing with vaccine efficacy

Vaccination in goats

Vaccination in cattle: study 1

Vaccination in cattle: study 2

Vaccination in cattle: study 3

Conclusions of intervention studies