June 2019

Reproductive Management in Action

Rome 2019

3rd reprodAction Cattle Symposium

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Choose the topic of your interest within the experts and watch the videos of the presentations at Rome's Cattle Symposium.

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Alex Bach

Feeding and managing dry cows

Prof. Alex Bach

Department of Ruminant Production

IRTA Barcelona, Spain

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Managing post-partum to improve early cyclicity  

Prof. Matthew Lucy

College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

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The evolution of fertility programs for dairy cows

Prof. Paul Fricke

Department of Dairy Science

University of Winsconsin-Madison, USA

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Reproductive management of dairy heifers

Dr. Federico Randi

International Technical Manager, Ruminants Corporate Marketing

Ceva Sante Animale, France

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Role of progesterone before and after AI on establishment of pregnancy in cattle

Prof. Patrick Lonergan

School of Agriculture and Food Science

University College of Dublin, Ireland

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Role of new technologies (genomics, FTAI, MOET & IVF) in dairy herds

Prof. Roberto Sartori

Department of Animal Science

University of São Paulo, Brazil

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