Causes of infertility

Reproductive efficiency of dairy cows is a key factor in determining milk output and profitability. The reproductive target for optimum production in cows is to produce a live healthy calf each year, of the correct genetic merit born at the right time and without calvingGiving birth to a calf. problems. In order to achieve this the veterinarian needs to concentrate on ensuring clients achieve:

High submission rate of cows to natural or artificial service:

High pregnancy rate to service:

Fertility cow


Productive bovine reproduction involves controlling herd fertilityAbility of a living organism to reproduce. From a zootechnical point of view: ability to give birth to a calf, a lamb, a goat or a piglet. parameters in a given economic context. Moreover, the performance of a farm must be assessed at a collective and individual level , each farm constituting a complex system in unstable equilibrium in which numerous factors interact.

The main reproductive events which take place between calvingGiving birth to a calf. and the time of fertile service will be reviewed and veterinary applications of this knowledge will be summarised.