Follicular growth & ovulation

Once the tertiary follicles are formed in the ovaryFemale reproductive glands, located symmetrically on either side of the uterus, which produce the female gametes., a hormone-dependent wave of follicles emerge. Several waves of follicles may occur until finally the ovulationExpulsion of an ovum from the ovary in female animals. takes place.

Emergence of a wave of follicles:


Renewal of dominant follicles during the oestrous cycle: 


How do selectionStage of the Follicular wave in which 3 or 4 previously recruited follicles move from an FSH-dependent phase to an LH-dependent phase. and dominancePhase of the follicular wave in which the largest follicle takes over the rest and becomes the dominant follicle maturing completely. of follicles take place?


Changes in serum hormone concentrations during the oestrous cycle:


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