Anoestrus & suboestrus

Which parameters show whether anoestrus is a problem in a farm? 

What are the causes of anoestrus and suboestrus in a farm?

Interval between calvingGiving birth to a calf. and 1st AI or service

Anoestrus and suboestrus causes

Determining factors in dairy cows

Dairy cow

Frequency of LHLuteinising hormone: responsible for the final maturation of the follicle and ovulation. pulses is the determining factor in the timing of the first ovulationExpulsion of an ovum from the ovary in female animals.. Post-partumPeriod between parturition and the return to cyclicity (and therefore appearance of heat). follicular development in dairy cows:

Timing of first ovulation

Determining factors in beef suckling cows

Beef cow
The interval between calvingGiving birth to a calf. and the first heatAlso “oestrus”. Physiological and behavioural phenomena that precedes and accompanies ovulation in female mammals. is longer in suckler cows than in dairy cows. Follicular development and formation of the first dominant follicleSmall secretory or excretory cavity. Ovarian follicles grow until ovulation or female gamete emission. in dairy and suckler cows:

Interval between calving and ovulation

Interval between calving and ovulation


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