Май 2012

ReprodAction научен форум: Дефиниране, предпазване и лечение на анестралното състояние при кравите

Май 3 - 4, 2012

Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux

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Ceva Santé Animale organised the first ReprodAction Scientific Meeting with a renowned group of researchers on the field of cattle reproduction. The meeting was held on May 3rd and 4th 2012 at the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux (France).

The main objective of the meeting was to create an environment for open exchange of ideas and science-based discussion among experts on a specific reproductive topic: “Defining, Preventing, and Treating Anoestrus Condition in Cattle”.

Data from different countries and management conditions was presented by participating experts. The proposal was to have a broad understanding of the anoestrus problem in different production systems.

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Outline of the meeting:

Arrival on the Afternoon of the 2nd

Meeting starts at 8:30h AM on the 3rd

Morning: after welcome and introductions, each expert will be invited to do a short 10 min presentation about the topic, mostly focusing on status of anoestrus condition in their country or area, main factors causing anoestrus, and possible management solutions.

Afternoon: two presentations of 50 min each will be performed to show most recent scientific advances on the physiological causes and management of anoestrus in cattle.

A brainstorm section will be encouraged in order to find common ground on best veterinary practices when dealing with anoestrus condition under applied field conditions.

Group dinner


Meeting starts at 9:00h AM on the 4th

Morning: summary and agreement on the definitions, contributing factors and management solutions for the proposed topic.

Closing Lunch - Departures



Prof. Nicole Hagen-Picard - University of Toulouse (France)

Prof. Fernando López-Gatius - University of Lleida (Spain)

Prof. Geert Opsomer - University of Ghent (Belgium)

Dr. Giovanni Gnemmi - ECBHM Diplomate (Italy)

Prof. Ahmet Gumen - University of Uludag (Turkey)

Prof. Hilary Dobson - University of Liverpool (UK)

Prof. Jose Eduardo Santos - University of Florida (US)

Prof. Tomasz Janowski - University of Warmia (Poland)

Prof. Heinrich Bollwein - University of Zurich

Dr. Alex Souza - Corporate Technical Manager (Ceva)