Gold Standard Protocol for FTAI (Fixed Time Artificial Insemination). Is Progesterone the Key?


Prof. Fernando Lopez-Gatius

University of Lleida (Spain)

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Fernando López-Gatius went to the University of Zaragoza (DVM, 1978) and receiving his from Autonomous University Barcelona (Ph.D., in the area of artificial insemination in the cow, 1987). Hi is specialized as a bovine theriogenologist since 1979 (reproductive control – weekly gynaecological visits – for approximately 3700 mature cows and 700 heifers). At this moment, hi is full professor at the University of Lleida at the Department of Animal Production. Several doctoral students have been under his direction. Since 1985 he has been involved in reproductive physiology research of the cow, writing more than 150 scientific (peer-reviewed) publications related to management and clinical factors affecting the reproductive success in high producing dairy cows. He has presented numerous invited lectures and more than 100 abstracts at international scientific meetings. Beside this, Fernando is common reviewer of professional journals such as Theriogenology (USA) and Reproduction in Domestic Animals (Germany).


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