April 2013

Reproductive Management in Heifers

April 16 - 17, 2013

El Castell de Ciutat, La Seu d’Urgell. Lleida

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Ceva Santé Animale organised the second ReprodAction Scientific Meeting with a renowned group of researchers on the field of cattle reproduction. The meeting was held on April 16th and 17th 2013 at La Blanca Dairy Hub at the heart of the Pyrenees in Spain.

The main objective of the meeting was to create an environment for open exchange of ideas and science-based discussion among experts on a specific topic: “Reproductive management in dairy heifers”.

Epidemiological data and most common practices in terms of heifer management and reproduction from different countries were presented by all participating experts. The proposal was to have a broader understanding of the most common heifer management systems across different countries and production systems.

Want to see the results of the meeting? Click on the following link!


Outline of the meeting:
  • Blanca Farm:
    • Introduction of activities
    • Touring the Farm
  • General aspects of heifers management (Dr. Marta Terre, IRTA, SPAIN)
  • Short-talks (10 min talk) from all experts attending the meeting on the
  • Current management practices of heifers in their country or region.
  • Economics of reproductive programs in heifers (Dr. Victor Cabrera University of  Wisconsin-Madison, US)
  • Round table – all experts



Prof. Geert Opsomer - University of Ghent (Belgium)

Dr. Giovanni Gnemmi - ECBHM Diplomate (Italy)

Prof. Hilary Dobson - University of Liverpool (UK)

Prof. Tomasz Janowski - University of Warmia (Poland)

Prof. Victor Cabrera - University of Wisconsin (US)

Prof. Tine Van Werven - Utrecht University (Netherlands)

Prof. Susana Astiz - INIA Research Center (Spain)

Prof. Claire Ponsart - UNCEIA (France)

Prof. Heinrich Bollwein - University of Zurich (Switzerland)

Mr. Simon King - BVM&S MRCVS. Lambert Leonard & May Vet Practice (UK)

Dr. Şükrü Metin Pancarcı - University of Balıkesir (Turkey)

Prof. Arya Badiei - Islamic Azad University, Tehran (Iran)

Dr. Marta Terre - IRTA (Spain)

Dr. Alex Souza - Corporate Technical Manager (Ceva)