Non-Cyclicity Conditions


Alex Souza



Update on Non-Cyclicity Conditions on Dairy Cows


Dr. Alex Souza

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Alexandre Souza has graduated in veterinary medicine in Brazil (Unesp – Sao Paulo state University), MS at the University of Wisconsin, and completed his Ph.D. in 2007 in a joint collaboration between USP-Sao Paulo/Brazil and University of Wisconsin. Since vet-school Alex has been focused on reproduction efficiency of dairy and beef cattle herds, and had the opportunity to be involved with applied cattle research since 1998 and working with outstanding reproduction physiologists such as Dr. Jose Vasconcelos (Brazil), Dr. Milo Wiltbank (USA), Dr. Roberto Sartori (Brazil), Dr. Pietro Baruselli (Brazil), Dr. Randy Shaver (USA), among others. Alex has focused his research career on improving fertility performance of dairy and beef herds through timed AI programs, embryo transfer, and preventive management strategies at herd-level. For instance, the synchronization protocol known as “Double-Ovsynch” was developed during his PhD with Dr. Baruselli/Dr. Wiltbank. After his PhD, Alex has worked as reproduction specialist for a semen company based in US (Accelerated Genetics/ReproConnections program), in which he acquired extensive experience in dairy herd management, extension support, bovine semen market, and data analysis from herds in different continents (through Accelerated Genetics/World Wide Sires). While working with Accelerated Genetics Alex has also been in charge of developing and calculate 3 times/year a field-fertility index for dairy sires (ACE – Accelerated Conception Estimate). The ACE index is used to identify sires with improved field fertility; and thereby Alex has gained experience handling large datasets of breeding records. More recently, during his Post-Doc at University of Wisconsin (Dr. Shaver/Dr. Wiltbank), Alex has worked on the impact of specific nutrition components of embryo quality and fertility of dairy cows. Currently, early in 2012 Alex has joined Ceva-Sante Animale (Libourne/France) as Corporate Technical Manager for Ruminants and will be focusing his efforts on market support, continued education and training, research, and data analysis.

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