Ultrasound on Anovular Population


Giovanni Gnemmi



Using of Ultrasound on Anovular Population Detection


Giovanni Gnemmi

Bovinevet (Italy)

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Giovanni is a bovine practitioner working for a private company, BOVINEVET. Since 1993, Dr. Gnemmi has been working with ultrasonography in cattle, by incorporating this method into applied herd management. Dr. Gnemmi’s fields of interest are reproductive management (ultrasound diagnosis of embryonic death, follicular dynamics, ovulationExpulsion d'un ovule par l'ovaire, chez les animaux femelles. synchronization, ultrasonography of uterine tract), preventive medicine and continuing education of dairy workers and veterinarians. In these areas of expertise, he has developed an international experience, both as a consultant to large herds, and as instructor in more than 160 training courses world-wide. He’s the author of 3 atlases on bovine reproductive ultrasonography (Le Point Veterinaire 2004, MEDCOM 2010, Blackwell 2011). He has over 70 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has presented approximately 120 invited lectures at national and international meetings.


How Important is Anoestrus?

 Why Ultrasound Diagnosis?

What is Anoestrus?

Accuracy of the Diagnosis

Types of Anoestrus

Anoestrus Type 1

Anoestrus Type 2

Anoestrus Type 3

Follicular and Luteal Cysts

Anoestrus Type 4